Gorgeous Greece..

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Time is meant to stand still when you travel, as each day is new, with no real routine. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened to us and time has literally flown by. We’ve had a few people comment on the lack of blog updates, so apologies, but we have been busy, visiting/meeting friends, on trains planes and automobiles and dealing with the daily grind of life on the road. Excuses over, here we go…

We left Turkey with a heavy heart, as it was some of the easiest travel that we’ve done and with some of the best food.

We headed over to Kos, Greece, for a few days to wait until our connecting flight to Milan. Kos is in the South Aegean Seas and is 4km’s from Turkey. You would think that being so close the two cultures would have merged, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. Kos is the quintessential Greece, with white stone houses, baklava and really friendly people.




We made the choice to skip exploring more of Greece and head straight for Italy based on cost and timing, but after three really enjoyable days, we’ll definitely return one day.

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