Famiglia e amici!

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One of the nice things about travel is meeting up with friends and family in beautiful and exotic places around the world. When we mentioned a meet up, there was a collective “ITALY”

We spent a few weeks travelling from the South of Italy and met up with Muso extraordinary, Stefan and his beautiful Belgium minx Anke in Rome. We ended up hiring an apartment together and spent five amazing days seeing some sights, eating pizza and consuming large amount of great Italian wine!




Next it was off to a farm house in Florence to meet up with Brad , Jodie, their twins boys Aidan, Camie and little girl Mckenzie. Also, not to mention, Nell’s extended family, Christopher (AKA Stoffel), who flittered in from some unknown destination.



It’s an amazing feeling catching up with such good friends after seven months on the road. As we had been spending such short periods of time in each place, it was great to unpack our clothes and settle in for nine days of braaing (barbeque), swimming and chatting, plus having Kai and Kerala’s besties to play with was just perfect.

One of the reasons we hooked up was for our twins forth birthday. The setting was beautiful, in the middle of nowhere, with friends, lots of bubbles, cannoli’s, and very happy kids!



As usual, all good things come to an end, but luckily, it was the start of a very cool adventure with Piet and Renette, Nell’s mom and dad.

Next stop Venice……..!


I’ve been travelling for 20 years but have never made it to Venice. It was worth the wait! There is such mystery about the place, the people, the café’s and obviously the water.



Best of all was that “Oupa and Ouma” were there as well, which gave us some time off to explore the waterways and sit and enjoy Venetian life. Brad and Jodie also surprised me and trained in from Florence for a really good night of food and wine!



Thanks to all of our friends & family for making the effort to come and see us, it was amazing to catch up away from home!!


3 thoughts on “Famiglia e amici!

  1. Ah how wonderful it was to spend some time with you. Beautiful sights we visited; tasty food, wine , beer and gelato we enjoyed. There were lots of laughter and fun- we even enjoyed an evening of music at a magnificent venue with an orchestra who performed the music of Antonio Vivaldi – wonderful memories.
    I think The day trip to Murano & Burano was highlight – thanks for putting up with us .
    Now for next part : Croatia & Budapest!!

  2. Absolutly love the blog, and have missed it the last few weeks. The photos are stunning, with Kerala and Kai holding hands. Too scrumptious.
    You are so lucky you have had so many visitors, and the kids some play mates.
    Enjoy the rest of the trip, and will chat soon.

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