Marvellous Milano!

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Milan is a massive Italian city, filled with beautiful people, beautiful architecture and beautiful pizza’s. There is something to be said about tasting an Italian pizza in Italy for the first time. For some reason, the tomatoes are sweeter, the dough softer and the salami spicier.

Milan is akin to Johannesburg verse Cape Town. It’s a city of wealth and workers, without having the culture and panache that Rome has. There are however a few stand out features, namely the Duomo Cathedral, their cemetery and of course the ice cream.



The Milan Cemetery  is not only the largest we have seen, but completely over the top, with massive tome stones that look like small houses and pathways that look like roads. It really is a sight and as you can imagine, the Milan elite are very comfortable in death.



Milan also offers the best ice cream in the world. Creamy and sweet doesn’t even begin to explain how good it is. It’s quite difficult being on the road and not having the same health and guilt structures like at home, especially in Italy as pizza is a staple diet and ice cream is an every day affair.

IMG_8266 IMG_8268 IMG_8265








We really enjoyed the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Milan, but as usual, as soon as we were settled, we got on the road again.



One thought on “Marvellous Milano!

  1. The new blog update – absolutely wonderful! Really enjoyed it.
    Everything you do and experienced are amazing! Stunning photography – if I look at the food I can taste and smell it!
    Now we are waiting for Venice, beautifulCroatia and breathtaking Budapest (with ouma &oupa) and don’t forget Prague – sooner than later please!!!!!!
    If you need photo’s just let me know I’ll mail them to you – have hundreds

    Lots of love and save travelings. XXXX

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