Syntalating Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka was never really on any bucket list of mine or Ronelle’s, but as its so close to India, we decided it would be a good place to meet Piet and Renette, Nell’s parents.

Its possibly one of the best travel decisions we’ve made, as its really exceeded all expectations. Leaving India was bittersweet, as it’s one of our favourite places in the world, but we both found that it’s a different country when travelling with kids.

Sri Lanka is still very young in terms of travel, with the civil war ending five years ago.  It’s really nice to visit a country where the smiles are genuine and not just for a “tourist dollar”

We started in Colombo, a name synonymous with bombings and general violence. Five years on, it’s a thriving hotbed of hope.  Our aim was to meet Nell’s parents at a fancy five star hotel to celebrate Renette’s 60th birthday.


We arrived a day early and surprised them at the hotel. The Galle Face is a lot like Cape Town’s, Mount Nelson and is one of Colombo’s oldest hotels, with the pool and bar situated right on the beach.


We spent four great days seeing the sites, including the Gangaramaya temple, the local markets, lazing around the pool drinking G&T’s and celebrating.




2 thoughts on “Syntalating Sri Lanka

  1. Wow it’s bitter/sweet from this side – bitter to not be with you and sweet to read and enjoy your blog with the happy moments! Being back home and thinking of what we experienced is something out of another world – must sound strange to you!

    Beautiful pics!

    I’m sure Kai’s going to enjoy his beloved tea more from now on.

    Kai & Kerala Ouma & Oupa miss you very much and lots of hugs and kisses. There’s a surprise coming to Hikkaduwa for you with the aero plane.


  2. the adventure continues! how interesting Sri Lanka sounds. I will look forward to hearing the adventures of “every day life” and the children interacting with the locals. I have discovered that play is the true international language. My boys just started japanese kindergarten this past week! it is such a great opportunity you are giving your kids!

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