The Allewell’s hit Europe…

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You really don’t get two more polar opposites than Sri Lanka and Switzerland, After spending three glorious months experiencing Sri Lankan culture, we were all excited about heading to Europe to continue our adventure.

We did a quick tour of Switzerland, with a car and house provided by our Tourism Radio Chairman (Thanks Luka) It took us a few days to acclimatise to Europe, as its both a long flight from Sri Lanka and well, everything is perfect in Switzerland.



The great thing about travel is being able to make changes to our itinerary (most of the time based on costs) We originally left Barcelona off our list, but after much thinking, we managed to get some cheap flight s and a sponsored BMW station wagon, nogal. Thanks to Melissa from First Car Rental for organizing us the transport, we felt very special driving through Spain in that fancy car, as we’ve become accustomed to Tuk Tuk’s.

Barcelona isn’t just an amazing city, but one that holds a lot of really great memories for us, having lived there in 2008. Its also the place where we got engaged and it felt as though we had come full circle taking our kids back to our old haunts and “our square”. There isn’t a better experience than sitting in a Spanish Plaza sucking back on a glass of Sangria and eating patata brava’s.


Kerala has been looking forward to Barcelona for the last 6 months, as we promised to buy her “hakskoene” high heels. As you can see below, she fell in love with these ones and hasn’t taken them off since.



Part of our travels is for Ronelle and I to share some of our favourite places with each other.  One of those places for Ronelle, is Cadaques, a traditional Spanish fishing village on the east coast and previously home to Salvador Dali for most of his life. We decided that it was the perfect place for Ronelle’s birthday.


We started off the day  with a bottle of bubbles, French pastries and a lot of swimming, at ten in the morning.  We both have a passion for art and we tend to visit museums, galleries and exhibitions whilst in a town, so it was a perfect birthday present to visit the Dali Museum, which showcases Dali’s life. The museum is based in his old house and it was fascinating to see how he lived, his art and the life that he led.



A really big part of my life was Pamplona, running of the bulls. Quite a few of my favourite memories come from those hazy “pamps” days and I really wanted Ronelle to get a sense of where Id spent my early 20’s, come to think of it, most of my 20’s and early 30’s. Amazingly, not much has changed in 20 years at Camping El Molino (The windmill) that place I worked at. The people are still the same, the furniture is still the same and they still serve warm cheap Sangria!


Spain has everything, sea, sun, food, friendly people and some of the best roads I’ve ever driven on.  We paid about 60 euros (R900.00) in toll fees the first day, so I have no idea what the Guatengers are bitching about.  We crossed Spain in one day and ended up in a dream town…