On top of the world in Nuwara Eliya

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Tea. Tea and more tea. The road to Nuwara Eliya is possibly one of the most beautiful drives in the world. It’s akin to driving around the winelands in Cape Town, but substitute wine for tea. You start at sea level and within 30 km’s you’re up over 2000 meters.




Kai is now a tea aficionado and can explain the tea making process in detail. They call Nuwara Eliya “little England” as I guess the poms liked the coolness at 2K meters and being surrounded by tea. There are still English pompous jacket/tie wearing clubs in town, as well as a host of things for travellers to do, including riding a duck boat in the local lake and a visit to the highest village in Sri Lanka.



There is something special about travel in Sri Lanka. They only got their first highway a year ago and all other roads are, should be say “tight”.  Its not the white knuckled rides like in Vietnam, as there isn’t enough space for a triple overtake, but never the less, its always good to take a spare pair of undies.

Unless you’re on the train, driving takes forever, as we found out to our detriment on the way back to Galle. Google lied, as they said 252km’s would take 3 hours.  We weaved our way through the tea plantations and rain forests and eventually made it to our destination 10 hours later. The ten hours spent was worth every second, as the scenery was truly breathtaking. Having briefly stopped in Galle before, we’re looking forward to a couple of days of relaxing.


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  1. The places you are visiting look like heaven! It makes my travel bug get very itchy again! I just love reading your posts and travel to these incredible places vicariously through you! Keep loving the adventure Allewells! Stay safe and lots of love, Tracy xxx

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